"SisterGirl""Trumpet Player""Lips"Devastating DivaI Got Your BackMeet Me At...FIVE THIRTY FIVEFace It: You're Beautifuliamnota....SUSPECT!My DJ Rocks the HouseTextingHow long has it been?Don't you see me?There you are.So what you gon' do now?!Where did you get those boots?Attitude"Gimme dem boots!""Fearless""Bam!!!"A Chance GlanceFoxy Lady
A Chance Glance
The concept for "A Chance Glance" came from my observations of everyday people in everyday situations. These mental snapshots gave me an interesting way to explore figurative art. Each painting has its own narrow focus on such things as posture, shoes, clothing and accessories. Collectively, these paintings are intentionally ambiguous, which is designed to play on viewers' perceptions about people. This ambiguity should also cause viewers to search for answers as they explore the obvious themes of voyeurism and sexuality.