I am an artist using the internet as a tool to communicate to the public my artistic vision. I create murals, contemporary paintings and mixed-media collage / assemblage. While my paintings are generally stylistic and figurative - composed of shapes, textures and bold contrasting color harmonies : my collage / assemblage work is more expressive and symbolic - utilizing photographs, jewelry, decorative paper and a variety of found objects and materials.My work is a study in contrast - contrasting light & dark color harmonies - contrasting geometric, organic & free-form shapes - and contrasting textures, both actual & simulated, from different materials.

Although these creative styles may at first appear to be in contradiction to each other, they are linked together by subject matter. By often referencing the African-American diaspora, my work is a visual narrative that explores the ongoing social, political and economic challenges of blacks in America. My projects are compositions created in multiple series which differ in media and technique, yet center around specific themes. Themes range from slavery and Jim Crow; to The Harlem Renaissance and the Bebop Jazz Era; to the shift in social consciousness during the 1960s leading to the rise of the black middle class.

One reoccurring theme throughout my art work is music. It is through music that the hopes, dreams and aspirations of African-Americans are often expressed, packaged and communicated first in the black community, then eventually to the world. As I continue to expand my artistic scope and skills by experimenting with new materials and techniques, my goal is to create art work that critically engages the public to examine the complex realities of African-Americans and the opportunities for change these issues create for contemporary American society.