Give the Drummer Some
acrylic on canvas
20"x 28"
Throughout the history of jazz music, drum playing styles have become progressively more fluid, requiring greater participation and creativity on the part of drummers. Contemporary jazz drummers utilize the concept of manipulating time by making the music appear to speed up or slow down. This technique, known as "polyrhythm" involves layering beats on top of each other to create different textures in the music, as well as using odd combinations of notes to change the time signature. Elvin Jones, drummer for the John Coltrane Quintet helped pioneer this style of playing due partly to the fact that Coltrane's compositions required a "free style" of playing drums. Other great jazz drummers of note include: Art Blakey, Max Roach, Philly "Joe" Jones, Tony Williams, Al Foster, Jack DeJohnette, Roy Haynes and Billy Cobham. So let's........"Give The Drummer Some!"
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